From Page to Stage with Hannah Lavery and Dean Atta at Paisley Book Festival


Words and stories move us! And they have multiple ways to be told. Join us for a fascinating insight into the mind of Edinburgh Makar and award-winning poet, playwright and performer Hannah Lavery, whose brand-new collection Blood Salt Spring has already been transformed into a live performance in a partnership between the National Theatre of Scotland and Push the Boat Out festival. Hannah is joined by poet and award-winning author of The Black Flamingo, Dean Atta, to explore how their words and ideas manifest differently from literary form to the performance space. How do immovable words forged onto paper become living, breathing entities that adapt to audiences and reside in the global consciousness? Introduced by Guest Curator Mara Menzies.

Part of The Power of Storytelling, a series of events curated by Mara Menzies.

Hannah Lavery’s new book, Blood Salt Spring, is available for pre-order now.


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Saturday 26 Feb 2022
The Students’ Union (Main Hall), Paisley. United Kingdom