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Desmond Seward at the Hungerford Bookshop


Jan 28th: Desmond Seward on The King Over the Water: A Complete History of the Jacobites

Based on the latest research, The King over the Water by renowned historian Desmond Seward (who lives in Hungerford) weaves together all the strands of this gripping saga into a vivid, sweeping narrative, full of insight, analysis and anecdote.

“Desmond Seward, educated at Ampleforth and Cambridge, has been labelled a “popular historian”. This designation is sometimes construed as a slight. It should not be in the case of Seward who has already written a provocative comparative biography of Napoleon and Hitler and, amongst others, a sweeping, powerful chronicle of the Tudors.

The King over the Water, though, is his best work because it plays to his gifts of being largely persuasive and consistently employing a briskness in pace, a clarity of style and a genius for capturing the character of those long dead, long-forgotten and, perhaps, never remembered.” – The Herald

Desmond Seward will be talking at Hungerford Hub (Library) at 7:30pm on Tuesday Januray 28th. Tickets are £7 and include a glass of wine and £5 off the book on the night.

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Tuesday 28 Jan 2020
Hungerford Bookshop, Hungerford. United Kingdom