Denise Mina at Wigtown Book Festival



Award-winning author Denise Mina offers a radical new take on a crime so brutal no one wanted to talk about it for 200 hundred years — the murder of David Rizzio, Mary Queen of Scots’ friend and secretary. Tense, terrifying, this is a tale of sex, seduction, secrets and lies. It looks at history through a modern lens and explores the lengths that people go to for love and power. It takes place on Saturday evening, 9 March 1566. Mary, Queen of Scots, six months pregnant, is hosting a supper party. She doesn’t know her Palace is surrounded, or that an army of men is creeping upstairs to murder the handsome Italian man who is smiling across the table at her.


This is a live audience event. Participants will be on stage in the venue. The event will also be simultaneously streamed on our website. Online access is free but please pay what you can. Booking for online events is optional, but by reserving an online ticket you will receive a reminder beforehand.


County Buildings
In person & Online event
Fri 1 Oct
14:00 UK
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Friday 01 Oct 2021
County Buildings, Wigtown. United Kingdom