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Coorie Mini Festival: Pip Hills


Coorie is a brand new mini festival of whisky and books. This January and February, The Citizen Bar in Glasgow is bringing you  rare whisky tastings from legendary distilleries, together with some talks from a few of Scotland’s authors, adventurers and artists.

Founder of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society & Author Pip Hills, 7th February, 7pm.

The story of two 19th century geniuses. Around the time the Macallan was first being distilled, Robert Stirling was working on an invention so far ahead of it’s time, scientists only recently began to understand how its technology could be applied. Think NASA colonies on Mars and climate change saving, energy sources.

Join Pip Hills for a dip into this fascinating story and a three dram tasting of this Speyside legend, The Macallan Single Malt.

Ticket price £75, includes:
• Whisky cocktail on arrival
• Coorie main course
• A talk/Q&A with Pip
• A tutored 3 dram tasting featuring Macallan 12yo, 15yo & 18yo Double Casks
• Book signing

About Pip Hills:

Phillip Hills has had a varied career. After studying philosophy he has, at various times, worked as a docker, a crane driver, a truck driver and a scuba diving instructor. He found more gainful employment as an Inspector of Taxes, and also ran his own accountancy for 20 years.

About The Star Drive:

In May 2018 NASA called a press conference to announce the successful test-run of their tiny nuclear reactor KRUSTY (Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling Technology). This revolutionary technology, which runs on heat alone, may have profound consequences for the future of mankind, enabling us to maintain permanent bases on the Moon, on Mars and other planets, and eventually power a starship. On earth too it could have enormous benefits as a new way to generate power at a time when climate change is threatening our very existence.

This book is the amazing story behind this invention, which began with Robert Stirling’s original designs for a heat exchange engine in 1816. An invention truly ahead of its time, the practical application of the Stirling Engine has taxed the minds of scientists and inventors for almost 200 years. Only now is it possible for its full potential to be realised. Phillip Hills weaves science and history together to tell the story of one of the most exciting scientific developments the world has ever seen.


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Tuesday 07 Feb 2023
The Citizen, Glasgow. United Kingdom