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Carnival of the Animals narrated by Alexander McCall Smith


Join the fun!

Alexander McCall Smith has written words to the well known Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. Come and hear him narrate this, live in Edinburgh on 23 March 2024 with a cast of lively ‘animals’.

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Our World, Their World

They are our companions, the animals, 
The ones with whom we share this space, 
This spinning treasury of air and water,
We used to think our kingdoms were quite separate,
Split by language and hte reasoning mind;
No more; they have their reason, the animals,
They have their language - the call of whales
Across a thousand miles of water,
The territtorial challenges of birds,
The bellow of pain, of loss - a language
We have never really listened to,
But which we hear today; listen: the language
Of our brothers and our sisters.
We have only one home,
And that is a common one;
We have only one life,
And that is a precious one;
There is only one way,
And that is the healing one.

Many of Alexander’s words for Carnival of the Animals are available in his book, In a Time of Distance.

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Saturday 23 Mar 2024
Stockbridge Church, Edinburgh. United Kingdom