Book Club and Signing with Danielle Devlin at Waterstones Durham


Join Waterstones in Durham for a book club with local author Danielle Devlin as she discusses her fantastic debut novel ‘Burnt Offerings’ based on the North Berwick Witch Trials from 10am-11am, followed by a signing from 11am-2pm.


How far would you go to save yourself when the truth can’t set you free?

Scotland, 1589.

Besse Craw is a young mother whose husband has mysteriously vanished. And in a time when women were powerless, she is accused of witchcraft, abused by her employer, and destined to lose her daughter, her freedom and her life.

Set during the infamous North Berwick Witch Trials, that saw many persecuted, tortured and killed, Besse uncovers long-held secrets as she fights for justice and truth in a world of suspicion and lies.

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Saturday 09 Mar 2024
Waterstones, Durham. United Kingdom