Bloody Scotland: Gordon Brown (Morgan Cry)


Haunted by Secrets: Erin Kelly, Luca Veste and Gordon J Brown

Secrets are like dynamite in the talented hands and twisted minds of authors like these – perfectly safe until the fuse is lit. Expect the unexpected until all is finally revealed. Secrets lie buried, quite literally, in Erin Kelly’s mesmerising novel The Skeleton Key as treasure hunters uncover hidden truths in their search for gold. A life-changing lie is at the heart of Luca Veste’s electrifying new thriller You Never Said Goodbye which races from London to Connecticut. A haunting Cold War family secret drives Gordon J Brown’s thrilling Any Day Now as a troubled teen escapes a life of crime and becomes a rising rock star.

  • Sat 17 Sep 13:30
  • The Golden Lion, Stirling
  • Tickets: £9/£8
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Saturday 17 Sep 2022
The Golden Lion, Stirling. United Kingdom