Aye Write: Morgan Cry, Charlie Higson and Simone Buchholz


The Euro (crime) Zone

Three European set crime novels that deliver high octane thrills and memorable characters.

Morgan Cry’s Six Wounds makes the perfect Spanish whodunnit cocktail, take one dead gangster, mix in six shifty expats, add one ruthless baddie and garnish with a suspicious police officer . . . Daniella Coulstoun has recently moved to the Costa Blanca but when the dead body of a prominent London gangster is discovered in the cellar of her bar, she quickly becomes the number one suspect.

Most people travel to Corfu to escape the real world for a couple of weeks and embrace the fantasy of olive trees, sandy beaches, and little fishing boats bobbing on sparkling blue water under a warm sun. But in Charlie Higson’s Whatever Gets You Through the Night the fantasy is spoiled somewhat by Albanian gangsters, Greek drug dealers, psychotic bodyguards, flat earthers and spoilt, wealthy teenagers looking for dangerous kicks.

Simone Buchholz’s River Clyde brings things a little closer to home (via Hamburg). Mired in grief after tragic recent events, state prosecutor Chastity Riley escapes to Scotland, lured to the birthplace of her great-great-grandfather by a mysterious letter suggesting she has inherited a house. In Hamburg, the police investigate a major arson attack, while a group of property investors kicks off an explosion of violence that threatens everyone. As events in these two cities collide, Chastity prepares to face the inevitable, battling the ghosts of her past and the lost souls that could be her future and, perhaps, finally finding redemption for them all.

£11 (£10 ticket charge plus 10% Booking Fee)
Adult, Over 14s only. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
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Saturday 07 May 2022
Mitchell Library, Glasgow. United Kingdom