Aye Write: James Crawford


In The Edge of the Plain: How Borders Make and Break Our World James Crawford argues that our enduring obsession with borders has brought us to a crisis point: that we are entering the endgame of a process that began thousands of years ago, when we first started dividing up the earth. Combining history, travel and reportage, The Edge of the Plain explores how borders have grown and evolved to take control of our landscapes, our memories, our identities and our destinies. As nationalism, climate change, globalisation, technology and mass migration all collide with ever-hardening borders, something has to give – Crawford asks, is it time to let go of the lines that divide us?


In Shadowlands, historian Matthew Green tells the extraordinary stories of Britain’s landscapes that have been drowned, buried by sand, decimated by the plague or plunged off a cliff. This is the forgotten history of Britain’s lost cities, ghost towns and vanished villages: our Shadowlands. Green explores how these places met their fate and probes the disappearances to explain why Britain looks the way it does today. Travelling across Britain, Green transports the reader to these places as they teeter on the brink of oblivion, vividly capturing the sounds of the sea clawing away row upon row of houses, the taste of medieval wine, or the sight of puffins hunting on the tallest cliffs in the country. We experience them in their prime, look on at their destruction and revisit their lingering remains later as they are mourned by evictees and reimagined by artists, writers and mavericks.

James Crawford is a writer and broadcaster, and the publisher at Historic Environment Scotland. James’s first major work of non-fiction was the critically-acclaimed Fallen Glory: The Lives and Deaths of the World’s Greatest Lost Buildings which was shortlisted for the Saltire Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award. He has previously written a number of photographic books, including Above ScotlandVictorian ScotlandScotland’s Landscapes, and Aerofilms: A History of Britain from Above. In 2018 he scripted and presented Scotland From the Sky a landmark, three-part BBC One documentary series.


21st May 2023
12:45PM – 1:45PM
£11.20 (£10 ticket charge plus £1.20 booking fee)
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
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Sunday 21 May 2023
Glasgow Concert Hall, Glasgow. United Kingdom