Andrew Painting: Glasgow Natural History Society Lecture


Andrew Painting: Regeneration

Lessons in landscape-scale environmental restoration from Mar Lodge Estate

In 1995, the National Trust for Scotland set out on an ambitious 200 year plan to restore the fortunes of Mar Lodge Estate – 30,000 hectares of Caledonian pinewood, rolling moors and bogs, and subarctic mountains. This plan would bring together environmental conservation, Highland sport and open access for all. The only problem was the ancient Caledonian pinewoods were dying, and it would take radical measures to save them.

Twenty five years later, Mar Lodge Estate is at the forefront of ecological restoration in the Highlands. In this talk, ecologist and author Andrew Painting will talk through the challenges and successes of this pioneering work, and discuss the lessons that we can learn from this special landscape for our changing upland environment. Andrew’s book on the subject, Regeneration: The Rescue of a Wild Land, has been well-received and is available to purchase from most bookshops.

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Tuesday 09 Nov 2021
Online event, United Kingdom