Alistair Moffat at Wigtown Book Festival


The Night Before Morning

June 1945. Hitler has triumphed, Britain is under German occupation and America cowers under the threat of nuclear attack. The moment where everything changed is recorded by a young soldier, David Erskine, who saw a mushroom cloud rise over London: an atomic bomb detonated by the Germans in a last desperate roll of the dice. Now, Erskine and his fiancée are on the run to the town of St Andrews, where the occupying forces have set up a secret laboratory. When its purpose becomes clear, David and his small but trusted band of allies most adopt a desperate plan to thwart Nazi domination.


Alistair Moffat was born in Kelso, Scotland. He is an award winning Writer, Historian and former Director of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Director of Programmes at Scottish Television. He is the founder of Borders Book Festival and Co-Chairman of The Great Tapestry of Scotland.


This is a live audience event. Participants will be on stage in the venue. The event will also be simultaneously streamed on our website. Online access is free but please pay what you can. Booking for online events is optional, but by reserving an online ticket you will receive a reminder beforehand.


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Sunday 26 Sep 2021
Wigtown Primary, Wigtown. United Kingdom