Alistair Moffat at a signing event for The Night Before Morning at 20 Storey in Kelso


Alistair Moffat will be signing copies of his novel, The Night Before Morning, on 3rd July at 20 Storey in Kelso. You do not need a ticket to attend this event.

Date: Saturday 3rd July
Time: 11am
Venue: 20 Storey, 18 The Square, Kelso, TD5 7HH

The Night Before Morning:
June 1945. Hitler has triumphed, Britain is under German occupation and America cowers under the threat of nuclear attack.

In the dead of night, a figure flits through the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, searching for a hidden document he knows could change the course of history. The journal he discovers, by a young soldier, David Erskine, records an extraordinary story.

When the Allies drive the Germans out of France and victory seems imminent, Erskine is in Antwerp, where he witnesses a world-changing reversal of fortune. From a high vantage point, he watches a huge mushroom cloud rise over London: an atomic bomb has been detonated by the Germans in a last desperate roll of the dice.

Captor becomes captive and Erskine is held as a POW in his own land. As the brutal grip of the occupying forces tightens, he is determined to join the resistance. A daring escape leads him and his fiancée Katie on a breathless chase to the university town of St Andrews, where the Germans have established a secret research laboratory. When it becomes clear what its purpose is, David, Katie and their small, trusted band must adopt a desperate and audacious plan to thwart Nazi domination .

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Saturday 03 Jul 2021
20 Storey, Kelso. United Kingdom