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Alastair McIntosh at Wigtown Book Festival


Humanity must make massive social alterations if we’re to meet the challenge of significant climate change, argues author and activist Alastair McIntosh. He examines the science and psychology behind the unfettered consumerism threatening our planet, making the case for a radical shift in our consciousness in order to build the resilience needed for the earth to remain habitable. Climate change is the greatest challenge to humankind today. While the coronavirus sheds a light on the vulnerability of our interconnected world, the effects of global warming will be permanent, indeed catastrophic, without a massive shift in human behaviour.

“McIntosh sees climate change as a threat which can be met. It presents us with risk and also with opportunity. This is a very good book because it is balanced and positive. There is no despair here” – The Scotsman

About the author: Alastair McIntosh is an independent writer, broadcaster, speaker and activist who is involved in a wide range of contemporary issues, from land reform, globalisation and nonviolence to psychology, spirituality and ecology. He is considered to be one of the world’s leading environmental campaigners.

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Friday 02 Oct 2020
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