Aidan Smith at the National Library of Scotland


An Adventure Through Scottish Football

Aidan Smith discusses his new book, Bring Me the Sports Jacket of Arthur Montford with fellow journalist, Stuart Cosgrove.

Acclaimed author and sports journalist Aidan Smith has written a new, hilarious book. Taking readers through the best and worst of Scottish football in the last century, Bring Me the Sports Jacket of Arthur Montford excavates the weird and wonderful best-bits of Scottish football history.

Discover legends old and new: the greatest goals, the wackiest stories, and the surprising appearance of Scarlett Johansson.

Aidan Smith is a journalist for The Scotsman, a five-times-winner in the Scottish Press Awards, and the author of three previous books: Persevered, Heartfelt and Union Jock.

  • Thurs 3 Nov 14:00
  • National Library of Scotland
  • Free to attend
  • This event will also be live-streamed, please click this link to view
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Thursday 03 Nov 2022
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. United Kingdom