Covid-19: Re-emerging into a different world

We are delighted to see bookshops across the country opening their doors to the reading public once more. We will queue, we will hand sanitise, we will wear masks… and we will buy books!

However the re-opening of our world is not happening as quickly as we had hoped. We continue to need you support. Thank you to readers and writers everywhere for your support so far during these difficult months. We know that Covid 19 is still with us so do continue to stay safe and stay well as we move forward with the Unlocking of Lockdown and head back out into the world.

The next few months will be far from easy for any of us as we try to make up for the lost months. But business to business, reader to reader, we will support each other. Buy here online, buy safely in bookshops, buy books!

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  • Paperback | Pub: 09 Jul 2020

    Ardnish, the Highlands of Scotland, 1944. On his deathbed, Donald John Gillies sends for a priest to hear his last confession. During his 85 years he has witnessed much – world wars, the loss of family through death and emigration, and the daily…

Featured Author

Angus MacDonald

‘Opens a window on two worlds, shining a light on the experiences of Highland regiments in the Boer War while commemorating tradition Highland culture, evoking both of them vividly in well-crafter, deceptively simple prose’
– The Herald

‘A book that seeks to tell the story of a good man’s life lived across two worlds now gone; and that does so with so much, energy, knowledge and love for the men of that time and place, whose memory MacDonald strives to keep alive’
The Scotsman

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