We wish you all a very Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year.

2021 opens with another lockdown for most of us and once again our thoughts are with booksellers right across the UK. All members of the Birlinn team are knuckling down and will endeavour to produce a remarkable, ballsy publication programme in the face of all of the restrictions faced. We are proud of our authors and hope you will enjoy their output in the months ahead. Keep an eye on our pages and social platforms for more information in the coming weeks.



We have temporarily suspended our deliveries to Europe. As soon as transporting to Europe becomes feasible over the coming months this service will resume.



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  • Paperback | Pub: 16 Feb 2021

    James Baldwin was born into the squalor of a Harlem tenement and transcended an early life of setbacks and racism. A storefront preacher at the age of fourteen, he supported his entire family – mother and eight siblings – before he began…

Featured Author

James Campbell

‘First-rate … the best biography so far’
– Chicago Tribune

 ‘A lively book that is immensely readable’
– Boston Globe

‘Scrupulously researched and uncovers new material about Baldwin’s life. Campbell knew Baldwin well, but his affection for the man has not dulled his critical pen’
– Caryl Phillips (BBC)

A Day Like Any Other

26 Feb ’21
An Extract From Chapter 2. Tonto Was a Woman They’d met, George and Anna, when they were nine years old. George’s family had not long moved to a…
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