An Autumn Tour with Alexander McCall Smith: Part Two!

  20 Oct '22   |  Posted by: Birlinn

The next stop on the tour (read Part One of this blog first), travelling this time by train from St Pancras, was Letchworth. The lunchtime event with David’s Bookshop was held in The Cloister’s, an impressive Arts & Crafts building that was built as a centre for the learning of philosophy and psychology by a philanthropic female quaker in the 1910’s. After social work in London’s slums, she decided to build this centre dedicated as a school of thought from which adults could go out and effect social change.

The eccentric building fuelled conversation about moral philosophy, in relation to The Exquisite Art of Getting Even.

In the safe hands of Connell Cars (and driver Gordon), it was on to the Collection Museum in Lincoln. The auditorium was packed for this event. From the signing there was a great view of Lincoln Cathedral, all floodlit and, for the second time on this tour, complete with ringing bells, which was an especially nice way to finish the evening. Thank you Lindum Books!

And then to Durham, for the Durham Literary festival at the Gala Theatre. Claire Malcolm was in the chair as in conversation partner. A trusted friend in these events, Claire and Alexander together worked their magic with another packed house.

The next day Ellen and Alexander travelled on to Corbridge and Forum Books. Helen and Stan now own three bookshops in the area and boy do they know how to put on events! The hall was crowded and the audience was made up of readers of all ages from children to, well the older end of the age scale!

And then finally, to Berwick and the Berwick Literary Festival. The event was held in the Guildhall and was an early sell-out.

It’s great to be back at live events right across the UK. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the magnificent booksellers and festival directors who worked with us on this tour, to Connell Cars for their attention to detail and constant friendship over many years ‘on the road’, the in-conversation partners who work so hard, our colleagues at Little,Brown, but most of all to Alexander McCall Smith who works tirelessly to delight his readers, wherever he goes.

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