COP26: Polly Pullar on hedgehog rehabilitation and climate change

  06 Nov '21   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Polly Pullar is a field naturalist, writer, photographer and wildlife rehabilitator who grew up in Ardnamurchan. She works tirelessly advocating for the rehabilitation of hedgehogs, red squirrels, and many other animals who visit her Perthshire farm, highlighting how nature can recover if we give it the chance. Polly has contributed a video in light of the COP26 summit, who today are debating nature and sustainable land use, where she talks specifically about hedgehog rehabilitation. Featuring special guest Reggie the rescue hedgehog, Polly invites us to make our voices heard to demand greater action on climate, to ensure a habitable future for hedgehogs and the vital ecosystem they are part of.

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