2021 Preview: Arena Sport

  26 Jan '21   |  Posted by: Birlinn
Lottie Dod on court, the first female sports superstar

Discover the magic of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, learn the real story behind one of the world’s most iconic sporting stars as well as one of history’s forgotten sporting heroines, and find out how golf became one of the world’s biggest spectator sports. All this (and more!) can be found in our 2021 publishing schedule for our sports imprint, Arena Sport:

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Life of a Legend, Fiaz Rafiq (May)
Arnold Schwarzenegger – a bodybuilder-turned-real-estate mogul who turned an undefeated streak at the Mr Olympia
contest into an astonishing film career and eight years as the governor of California – is, for many people, the
embodiment of the American Dream. From humble beginnings in a small village in Austria, Schwarzenegger has come to
symbolise the opportunities that exist for anyone willing to work hard – parlaying success and self-confidence into the
influence to shape hearts and minds across the globe. Fiaz Rafiq uses in-depth interviews with Schwarzenegger’s peers to tell the life story of the one-time Governator, featuring exclusive interviews with his personal and close friends, fellow bodybuilders and training partners – all offering first-hand accounts of the man they know.

Little Wonder: The Extraordinary Story of Lottie Dod, the World’s First Female Sports Superstar, Sasha Abramsky (June)
Little Wonder tells the epic, and until now largely unchronicled, story of Lottie Dod, the first great heroine in women’s
sports. Dod was a champion tennis player, golfer, hockey player, tobogannist, skater, mountaineer, and archer. She was
also a first-rate musician, performing numerous choral concerts in London in the 1920s and 1930s, including in a private
performance before the King and Queen. In the late 19th century, Dod was almost certainly the second most famous woman in the British Isles, bested only by the fame of Queen Victoria. Yet, within a decade or two of her retirement from sports, Dod was largely a forgotten figure. In this new book, Sasha Abramsky brings Lottie’s remarkable achievements back into the public eye in a fascinating story of resilience and determination

Monarch of the Green, Stephen Proctor (paperback, July)
Young Tom Morris, the son of the legendary pioneer of golf, Tom Morris, was golf’s first superstar.
Born at a pivotal moment in history, just as the new and inexpensive ‘gutty’ ball was making golf affordable and drawing
thousands of new players to the game, his genius and his swashbuckling personality would set a game that had been
frozen in amber for four centuries on the pathway to becoming worldwide spectator sport we know today.
Exhaustively researched and beautifully illustrated, Monarch of the Green is a stirring and evocative history of Tommy’s
life (which also includes, for the first time, a compilation of his competitive record in stroke-play tournaments, singles
matches, and foursomes) and demonstrates how, in one dazzling decade, this young superstar dominated the sport like
few others have ever done.

The Greatest Show on Earth: The 1970 World Cup, Andrew Downie (September)
The 1970 World Cup is widely regarded as the greatest ever staged, with more goals scored per game than any
tournament since. But more than just the proliferation of goals was the quality of the overall football, as some of the
greatest teams ever to represent the likes of Argentina, West Germany, Uruguay and England came together for a tilt at
the world title. But at the heart of the tournament were Brazil; led by Carlos Alberto and featuring players such as Pelé,
Gérson, Jairzinho, Rivellino and Tostão, the 1970 Seleção are often cited as the greatest-ever World Cup team.
Using brand new interviews alongside painstaking archival research, Andrew Downie charts each stage of the World
Cup, telling the remarkable story of the tournament in the players’ own words.

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