Poem of the Week – ‘Mareel’ by Roseanne Watt

  23 Nov '20   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Our Poem of the Week is ‘Mareel’ from Roseanne Watt’s collection Moder Dy. This stunning collection has won both the Somerset Maugham Award and the Eric Gregory Award, and this poem evokes the feeling of stepping out of a theatre into the chilly November air – a feeling much missed by all of us this year!


Mind that night in November, the pair of us
bursting from Mareel like late-comers
to the cinema-dark of the evening.
How we nearly missed it, the other show
that night: the aurora, the dancers, unspooling
their reels of green across the sky, despite
a bone-bright moon in the south. Mind
how the waves in Hay’s Dock lit up with this
borrowed phosphorescence, and we skirled
at the spectacle of it all; a sky of light, a sea of sky,
and behind us, the noost of Mareel,
its north-pointed prow.

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