Long-range Forecast: Announcing A Large Measure of Snow

  05 Aug '20   |  Posted by: Birlinn
A Large Measure of Snow, a novella by Denzil Meyrick. (Polygon, October 2020)

October, as the nights draw in and the air turns crisper, will bring a very special release from Polygon. A Large Measure of Snow is the new novella from Denzil Meyrick, author of the globally bestselling DCI Daley detective series. A beautiful hardback, it is an atmospheric wintry read and a perfect Christmas gift.

This is the first of the ‘Tales from Kinloch’, stories that are independent of the Daley series but open intriguing new corners of its world and feature some of its most memorable characters. Meyrick’s novels have won critical acclaim for their authentic depiction of place and their cracking dialogue. Striking out of hardboiled crime-thriller mode and into in the fine tradition of Compton Mackenzie and Neil Munro, this new tale promises that signature warmth and humour in abundance.

I grew up reading the fabulous books of Neil Munro, Compton MacKenzie, and Kintyre native, the late Angus MacVicar. As a child of the sixties, their wry, funny, beguiling world of the west coast of Scotland still, to some extent, existed for me. I absorbed it in Campbeltown, the real Kinloch.

– Denzil Meyrick
Denzil Meyrick in Campbeltown, 2019. Photo by Kirsty Anderson

Hugh Andrew, Birlinn MD, says of this new departure, “There isn’t just crime in Kinloch. The town’s many characters have a multitude of ways of causing possibly terminal chaos for themselves and becoming the centre of attention for Scotland’s long-suffering authorities. Here is just one little tale from long ago!”

It’s December 1967, and Kinloch is blanketed in snow. With all roads closed, the only way to feed and water the townsfolk is for the fishing fleet to sail to Girvan for much-needed supplies. But the skipper of the Girl Maggie, Sandy Hoynes, has a problem. First mate Hamish has, to everyone’s astonishment, been chosen as Young Fisherman of the Year by a Glasgow newspaper. Marooned in the town and with one eye on a scoop, their reporter decides to join the fishing crew on their mercy mission. The thought of the publicity – and some remuneration – delights Hoynes. But Hamish hasn’t told him the whole story. As the blizzards worsen, the crew of the Girl Maggie embarks upon a trip like no other, encountering ghostly Vikings, gigantic crustaceans and a helpful seagull.

Sandy and Hamish are firm Kinloch favourites, and Meyrick is pleased they’re making their reappearance this autumn: “It’s a delight to breathe more life into Sandy Hoynes, the young Hamish, et al. In difficult times, people turn to the arts as a coping mechanism. I hope the humour, warmth and adventures of the fisherfolk in 1960s Kinloch will prove to be a tonic.”

With over 1 million copies sold worldwide in print, audio and ebook, Meyrick’s Kinloch has brought readers round the world to South Kintyre. His legions of fans will delight in this new window onto his world. This winter, it will be something to raise the spirits, and perhaps conjure up some more!

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