Scottish Plant Lore – Tune In!

  16 Jun '20   |  Posted by: Birlinn

BBC Radio Scotland have recorded a really powerful podcast interview with Gregory Kenicer, author of our Scottish Plant Lore. Greg is a researcher and teacher with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Here he talks about the fascinating ‘secret’ histories of our local plants and reveals the ‘go to’ wound dressings that served us well for thousands of years, heathers that could be used as rope, extraordinary love potions… and how to protect yourself from the fairy folks’ arrows. He talks too about the potential of plants for use in healthcare in the future. And discusses the stunning botanical illustrations that capture the essence of the plants throughout the book.

Essential listening. And the beautifully illustrated book is essential reading!

‘Excellent… the folklore is just incredible… the plant stuff is brilliant’

BBC -– Scotland Outdoors

You can listen-in right now by clicking on the link here.

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