Meet our Home Office Assistants

  08 Apr '20   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Working from home can be a bit lonely. However, some of us are fortunate to be sharing our workspace – please meet our home office assistants.


Lives With: Jamie, Sales Coordinator

Name: Rumble

Likes: Chicken

Dislikes: Baths

Home Office Job: Cuddle Therapist


Name: Pan

Lives with: Kathryn, Publicity, Sales and Marketing Administrator

Likes: Climbing down the back of the sofa

Dislikes: Being prevented from climbing down the back of the sofa

Home Office Job: Professional paper shredder


Name: Vesper

Lives with: Ann, Sales Representative

Likes: eating paper, chin scratches, her humans throwing things for her to pounce on

Dislikes: being ignored

Home Office Job: Paper Weight


Name: Jolene

Lives with: Abi, Designer

Likes: Wearing pyjamas, snuggles, trying to eat elastic bands

Dislikes: Rain, cold weather, squirrels… (not built for Scotland)

Home Office Job: Stress-reduction specialist


Name: Ralph

Lives with: Liz, Production Manager 

Likes: Cocktail Sausages

Dislikes: Anything that is not a cocktail sausage. Especially peas and carrots.

Home Office Job: Ralph says ‘Come on! You quite clearly cannot function without me! Who gets you up in the morning, eh? Who chums you to the shop to get the newspaper (and a treat for me)? Who tells you it is time you got some fresh air and walk me – again and again and again. Who tells you when it is cocktail sausage hour – again and again and again. Who warns you about pesky intruders (cats) in the garden? I am so exhausted. You have no idea! A few hours lying against the Raeburn for warmth is the only recompense for my efforts. If there was a doggy union. . . there’s an idea, I think I will start one! I am working to rule today though, so I will think about that tomorrow. Anything else? I am like a taxi driver you know. The clock is ticking!’


Name: William (date of birth April 23, 1564)

Lives with: Jan, Publicity & Marketing 

Likes: Quill and Ink

Dislikes: being used as a stress relief

Home Office Job: stress relief

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