Giving voice to the Lost Poets

  24 Feb '20   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Creativity in the Library…

On a cold February lunchtime, the legendary Lost Poets gathered at the National Library of Scotland for a 40th anniversary reunion and to launch a new collection of their work, Horns & Wings & Stabiliser Things: The Lost Poets Found.

Who are The Lost Poets? What is The Lost Poets? Ron Butlin, Andrew Greig, Liz Lochhead and Brian McCabe are the voices that together make up the events that carry the name The Lost Poets. On this very special occasion, Gordon Ewart and Alex (Slim) Nisbet joined James Hutcheson to add music to the delight of the appreciative audience in the packed hall.

‘Ron Butlin, Andrew Greig, Liz Lochhead and Brian McCabe, didn’t just start reading together, but came together by reading. James Hutcheson, with his fluctuating monikers, brought music, design, a level of production and a shared ambition…. Poets, not just as torn pages taken in a single sitting, but a volume, sharing synergies, bouncing with and for each other…. here’s to what the Lost Poets embody: writers helping each other quell the nerves; mentoring, slating and sanctioning; being honest about Scotland, religion, family, self, happiness and making light of such things so as to provide a balm over the raw seriousness of words that need to cicatrise… it’s the hustle of poetry’

Michael Pedersen

We are pleased to be able to offer a podcast recording of the event for your enjoyment. Click here to listen.

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