Into the Bear Pit – PUBLISHED

  18 Feb '20   |  Posted by: Birlinn

Incendiary… packed full of astonishing revelations

The Herald

February 14th was Valentine’s Day for most – but for us it marked publication of Into the Bear Pit: The Explosive Autobiography of Craig Whyte.

Publicity for this long awaited book started on 7 February, one week before publication. Coverage came in the form of Newspaper front pages, news stories, features, sports section double pages, broadcast interviews and much online coverage on websites and social media channels.

The outcome? The book climbed on Amazon to number 20 in all books.

Take a look. You can find out what the media said at the following links (WARNING: WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COMMENTS BELOW SOME OF THE ARTICLES). Click on the paper titles to read more:

The Herald group – Great front page splashes and news pieces across The Herald, National, Herald on Sunday and Glasgow Times. An article with the heading 15 of the most incredible quotes from Craig Whyte’s new book attracted a great deal of attention and appeared in various forms on other news sites.
The Herald – daily news stories in paper and online

The National – News stories

Glasgow Times – News stories

The Sun – News stories

Daily Record  – News story

Daily Star News story

Belfast Telegraph – news story in paper and online

Mail on Sunday (Scotland) ­ – in paper and online

The Times ­ big news story in paper and online

BBC News, radio and TV– News Story, Douglas Alexander and Craig McLaughlin (and on Twitter )

BBC 9 ­–­ News story with John Beattie

Sky Sports – News story

STV – News story

Irish News news story in paper and online

Rangers News – news story on peerage claim

14,15,16 Feb:

The Herald ­– (Exclusive print interview) Front page puff, news story and double page spread in sport followed by daily feature-news articles

The Telegraph – good sized news story in paper and online

The Sun – online and in paper news stories

Scotsman online

BBC Interview Off the Ball – Long interview with Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan, book well plugged, led to another explosion on social media

BBC Online news

Radio Clyde – News story and online

Sunday Post – in paper and online

Sun – continues daily news stories in paper and online – examples:

Sunday Mail – in paper and online

Football fan sites and social media covered publication extensively over the full period.

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